Thursday, June 4, 2009

Google Squared - View Search Results in Spreadsheet

Google Labs has launched another way to search and find useful information from the web with Google Squared.

Say you are planning to buy a digital camera and you want to know the prices, its specs and details of the vendors. You want see all these information in one page listed like in the spreadsheet so that you can get a much broader view of the best deal that suits you. That will be the perfect search result page, right?

Is it possible? Well, it is. Try Google Squared.

This new feature just released by Google Labs, gathers information from various sites for a search term and lists them like in a spreadsheet. Editing is also made possible with the search result.
google squared tool help seach

You can add another row or column to the spreadsheet and Google Squared will automatically attempt to fetch and fill in the relevant facts for you. Moreover, when you remove a row or a column, Google squared will suggest you new rows or columns to add so that you get a much better result. Once you finish with editing and if you are happy with the results, you can save it to your Google account so that you can access it on a later date.

But all is not well with this new feature and the results you see is far from perfect. I searched for iPhone and this is the message I got.

"Google Squared couldn't automatically build a Square about iphone.

But don't give up yet!
Start a Square by entering up to 5 example items below."

This simply means iPhone does not have a default square. But it is acceptable for the moment, since the feature is just been released. In over a period of time, I expect this feature to evolve and who knows, it might revolutionize the way we see the search results in the future.

So for the moment, it is just a new feature which you can hang around and spend some time. For more information see this video below.

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