Friday, October 17, 2008

IE Browser Plugin For File Conversion

One of my favorite online file conversion service, Zamzar, is offering a browser plug-in for IE which will allow users to convert files on a website to any format you want. It also allows you to download those converted files to your desktop so that you can keep it for later use.

What is interesting is it even allows you to convert videos from various video sharing sites.

Say you are watching a video in YouTube or Google Video and you want to download the video in a different format, all you have to do is click the Zamzar Button to convert, select the video file and the format you want and save. You got your file. Simple.

Setting up Zamzar Button

For setting up the Zamzar Button first you need to add a new bookmark to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Make sure your Bookmarks Bar is visible by choosing "Show Bookmarks Bar" in the Browser. Simply drag the button "Convert It" button on this page onto your "Bookmarks Bar". Done.

So next time when you are on a site that contains files, just click on the Zamzar Button in your browser and it will auto-detect all the files on that page. You can choose the files you want and what format you want them in and save to your local disk.

You can see the video of the button in action here.

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