Thursday, October 23, 2008

Google AdSense Earnings Now Within Analytics

So the news is out. Google in its press release has said that users are now allowed to integrate their AdSense account with Google Analytics. That’s good news for you and me. The regret is, at the moment this new feature is by invitation only. 

Google will be gradually rolling out this functionality to all publishers, and you and I will see an invitation link at the top of our 'Overview' and 'Advanced Reports' pages when it's been enabled for our account.

Google says, “By integrating your AdSense account with a new or existing Analytics account, you’ll have access to in-depth reports about user activity on your site. In addition to the wealth of metrics already available in Analytics such as unique visitors and visitor language, you'll now have access to granular reports that break down AdSense performance both by page and by referring site.”

This YouTube video explains it further.

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