Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google's All New Chrome Browser

You may be sick of reading about Google Chrome by now. There are hundreds or probably even thousands of blog posts about Chrome all over the place. Technology blogs are running a never ending commentary on Chrome and how it is going to “affect” Microsoft, Firefox, Safari and what not.

This blog did not cover Chrome launch from Googleplex nor had any post reviewing the much hyped browser. I have nothing against Google, but thought I will sit back and see how far this craze can go on.

I downloaded Chrome yesterday and after using it for almost 2 days, I can say that I like the new browser from Google. I am impressed. It is fast - faster than Firefox 3 and Safari (sorry I don’t use IE), much reliable, don’t have any flashy buttons or icons. It is just a simple, elegant looking browser, which is quite functional in every sense.

Out of those tens of thousands blog posts about Chrome, I am listing here my favorites, which is worth spending your time. Ignore the rest in the blogosphere and spend that extra time with your kids.

So Is Chrome The Fastest Or What? – TechCrunch
Just Say It Google: Chrome is a Modern OS – All Things Digital
Google Chrome Vulnerable to Carpet Bombing Flaw – ZDNet Blog
Google Mule – Aviv Raff, Internet Security Expert
Lets Talk Speed, Chrome, and WebKit – Zimbra
Confirmed: Chrome Is Coming To Android – ReadWriteWeb

Google Chrome Tips and Tweaks
You must check this out. (Source: Digital Inspiration)
Google Chrome Features That We Miss in Other Web Browsers
Create Separate User Profiles and Extra Safe Browsing with Google Chrome

This is from where all the people are searching for Google Chrome

(Source: Google Insights)

And finally, to close or crash your Chrome window just type “:%” in the address bar. Have fun. (Source)

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