Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cuil Search Engine Bot Twiceler Brings Sites Down

Cuil, the so-called Google beater is going through a pretty dry run since its launch in late July. They got a huge press for their official launch, but all for the wrong reasons. PCMag said The New Cuil Search Engine Sucks in their review.

Cuil is a text book case study for PR guys who are looking for what all can go wrong in a product launch.

After all the noises surrounding their launch now it is Cuil’s crawler that is getting all the attention, again for the wrong reasons. Now webmasters are complaining that Cuil’s crawler Twiceler is bringing down their websites. The reason, it is taking too much of bandwidth. One user went on to say that the bot “leeched enormous amounts of bandwidth — nearly 2GB this month until it was blocked. It visited nearly 70,000 times!”

But some users were less fortunate. Another user had “So much, that it completely brings the site down. We’re 24 hours into this “index” of the site, and I’ve had to restrict traffic to the site down to 2 packets per second, while discarding the rest, or otherwise it makes the site unusable.”

Some of the hosting services have even started banning the bot from indexing their sites. A post in this forum confirms it. “As of now all know Twiceler IPs have been banned across our server farm. This ban will remain in place until I see proof that this bot is legitimate and does something other than bring down our customer sites.”

These are some of the press Cuil is getting in blogosphere.

Twiceler Is A Rude, Misbehaving, And Rogue Robot
How to stop? Twiceler www.cuill.com
Cuil’s Twiceler Bot is a Bad Apple

For those ex-Googlers, Cuil was never a dream launch. However they still have a chance to fight back, but they have to act fast before it gets too late.

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