Monday, March 3, 2008

What is EOL - Encyclopedia of Life?

Yes, You heard it right. A website that list all the species on earth. Well that's what they say. Or in their own words:

"At its heart lies a series of Web sites—one for each of the approximately 1.8 million known species—that provide the entry points to this vast array of knowledge. This is the very beginning of our exciting journey to document all species of life on Earth."

Sounds cool.

Announced last spring, their goal is to have a page for each species on earth with all the information needed like texts, images, maps and so on. A tall order for the creators.

I liked the idea. Worth bookmark.

Moreover, the Encyclopedia of Life is a non-profit project so far funded via grants from the MacArthur and Sloan Foundations. Thanks guys.

Check it out here.

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