Friday, March 14, 2008

Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Talk Begins

If rumors are to be believed, Yahoo is holding informal merger discussions with Microsoft.’s Dawn Kawamoto reports that "Yahoo has shown some willingness to have a conversation and talk", citing a source familiar with the talks.

The source also noted that Microsoft has since come to the conclusion, it may never get a formal rejection letter from Yahoo.

The Wall Street Journal went one step further saying, senior executives from Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. did met on Monday. The meeting wasn't any kind of negotiation and no bankers were involved at this stage, says the Journal.

This new twist in Microsoft-Yahoo saga is breaking the silence between the two companies for the first time, after Microsoft's unsolicited buyout bid for Yahoo in early February.

Microsoft's bid valued Yahoo at $44.6 billion at the price of $31 per share, which was turned down by Yahoo's board of directors on February 11.

Probably we will hear some "surprises" in the coming weeks.

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