Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MetaCarta - Read All The News and See Where it Happened

Ever wanted to read the breaking news and want to know where exactly that happened, then MetaCarta is what you looking for.

MetaCarta today announced the launch of GeoSearch News , a new web site that collects local news from around the world and visually displays it on a map.

You can enter name of a place to read all the news from that location or you can put in certain keywords to read news from your field of interests.

You can also browse by category like politics, world news, technology, sports, and so on.

GeoSearch News, powered by Google Maps, indexes an extensive collection of more than 1,400 national, international and local news sources every hour in addition to direct feeds from the Associated Press and Reuters.

Founded by a team of MIT researchers in 2001, MetaCarta is privately held, with US headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

It is nice website that worth your time. So now read your favourite stories with a difference.

You can check it here.

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