Friday, March 14, 2008

Intel to Launch Centrino 2 Later This Year

Intel is getting ready to roll out the advanced range of Centrino processors brand named Centrino 2.

The next Centrino platform formerly codenamed “Montevina” will be Intel’s latest and greatest mobile laptop offering.

Intel blog claims that, it will feature unprecedented processor performance for faster multitasking, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi (802.11agn) and for the first time, an optional integrated WiMAX/Wi-Fi module.

Centrino 2 also has power-saving design to provide the longest possible battery life.

Centrino 2 will use Intel's 45m Penryn technology with clock speeds up to 2.8GHz replacing the existing Centrino platform.

Centrino 2 is scheduled to debut in June, 2008.

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