Thursday, March 6, 2008

Google launches Contacts Data API

Have you ever been on a web-site that asked you for your Google username and password so that it can import your Gmail contact list?

Did you think twice before giving out that information, hoping the web-site would not use it to access your credit card information stored with Google Checkout?

Now you don't have to!

Google have announced the availability of Google Contacts Data API that gives programmatic access to user contact lists. The contact list is shared among Google applications like Gmail, Reader, Calendar, and more.

According to Google the new API will be useful for a big range of applications. For example, developers can use it to:
  • Import a user's Google contacts into their web or desktop application
  • Export their application's contact list to Google
  • Write sync applications for mobile devices or popular, desktop-based contact management applications
This is a nice development.
Thank you Google.

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