Saturday, March 8, 2008

Google Announces a Tool to Sync Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calender

Google announced the launching of an excellent tool that will sync your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar.
So how it is going to help us.

Say, If you add an event in your Microsoft Outlook calendar, this tool will automatically sync to Google Calendar and be accessible at any time.

Similarly, if you schedule a reminder for future in Google Calendar, you will automatically see that reminder in your Microsoft Outlook calendar on your computer.

This will help people who aren't always connected to the Internet, and who may prefer to use different applications (like Microsoft Outlook calendar) at their home or office.

So in a nutshell, your Microsoft Outlook calendar and Google Calendar are automatically kept up to date, leaving you free to use whichever one you want.

Good move by Google.

This link will help you download the tool and getting you started.

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