Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ajaxonomy Labs launches YouTube spy: TubeSpy

Ajaxonomy Labs have announced the launch of Beta version of YouTube spy called TubeSpy.

TubeSpy is a web based spy that allows you to see what videos are being watched on YouTube right now. YouTube has a widget like this on their homepage and TubeSpy was an effort to turn that widget into an app.

The left-hand side of the home page displays the the videos others are watching on YouTube. The plus sign on to the right of the video allows you to save it to a recently saved list.

There is an easy option to watch related videos, all without leaving the page you are on.

I don't see too much of difference from YouTube for me to bookmark it. Check it out for yourself.

TubeSpy was built with jQuery, a JavaScript framework and of course, the YouTube API.

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